Monday, February 5, 2007

The Gas Station

The Gas Station
by CK Williams

The author of this poem, CK Williams, chose to write his poem with longer and more complete sentences as opposed to small phrases, like many poets do. By having these long sentences, the poem seems like it could be a paragraph, if it was written out in such a format. The languages is very descriptive; this also supports that it could act as a paragraph in a novel. The structure of the poem compliments the long sentences that fills the poem. The poem is describing a long train ride, so it is likely that the poem's long lines on the page as well as constant indents represents the length of the train ride, and the indents being the jerks of the train as it rattles down the tracks. CK Williams occationally has short abrupt sentences, in the midst of the long drawn out ones. These made me stop and read it as if the speaker was more startled, as if they were observing these things and taking quick notes on what they saw.

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